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Organizing Against Right-Wing Shifts in the Queer/Trans Community

Reforming leadership to center around marginalized queer and trans folks

Summary Goals:

Returning to community-oriented organizing, decision-making, support, and education, instead of non-profit lead performative events that are now perpetuating cycles of violence in our community.

Ongoing work:

For Pride 2018 (in Toronto), we're organizing protests in the Trans March, Dyke March, and the Pride Parade. We will be opposing the current conservative shift in politics and the corporatization of Pride Toronto. Corporatization includes the co-optation of Pride by big businesses, as well the "non-profitization" of Pride. For the longer term, we're planning social and educational events to raise awareness about how co-optation, misrepresentation, corporate and colonial ways of organizing lead to the creation of violent structures, even inside organizations that purport to serve us.

The next major protest is around TDoR (Trans Day of Remembrance), November 20th, 2018. A racist and conservative group called the TTA (Toronto Trans Alliance) has positioned itself as an umbrella group for all trans people and is now formally recognized by the city. They've held events with Toronto City Hall that are extremely insulting and harmful for trans people. We're planning on disrupting their presence and delegitimizing them as a representative for trans people.

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