Body Pride - Tkaronto/Toronto

Clothing-optional Walk and Bike Ride for Body Freedom

Instagram: body_pride_toronto
Body Pride is a challenge to the escalating attacks against our bodies. It is a display of queer and gender diverse expressions, and an acceptance of all bodies.

Examples of body hatred and policing are everywhere: Objectification and sexualisation of our bodies, policing of what we wear or breastfeeding in public, physical and sexual violence, attacks on homeless people and reproductive autonomy, hatred against indigenous, black, desi, asian, people of colour, and disabled bodies, missing and murdered indigenous women, kidnappings and murders by religious extremists, police brutality and unjust incarceration.

We invite our community and allies to help disrupt these injustices. Body Pride is a demonstration of strength and unity. Every human body is valuable and beautiful, at every age, in every size and shape, and of every race and ability. No one is disposable.

Liberatory actions provide a path for future generations to grow and better understand themselves. Come celebrate our existence, because our existence is resistance. Bring your gorgeous selves and your radical politics. Invite your friends, be wild and deviant. Get freaky and be yourself.

Clothing-optional Walk and Bike Ride:

Date: Saturday, June 10th, 2023
Time: Please note that this is a non-sexual nudist event.

While these are naked events, clothed people are welcome. Bare as much as you're comfortable without pressure. In a bodyphobic society, there are many reasons to feel uncomfortable. For example: We want everyone to feel safe, and your presence at the event is more important than sticking to nudity, because we're primarily here to confront bodyphobia and body oppression in all of its many forms.