World Naked Bike Ride - Tkaronto/Toronto

Clothing-optional Bike Ride, March, and Picnic

Accessible, Queer, Trans, Anti-colonial, and Inclusive

Clothing is optional, bare only as you're comfortable. We welcome a diversity of expressions.

Update: We did not foresee this, but people signing up are all disabled, women and trans people, so we're looking for marshals and people on wheels to help with security. In retrospect, we should've expected that creating a safer and more accessible space would mean we would get the demographic we actually wanted to show up, which is very unusual in nudist spaces. So, if you're reading this and you have folks in your network (any gender) who can be on bicycles and ride in the march, please email us (our email address is in the Social Media page).

The World Naked Bike Ride is more than a simple fight for the right to be naked in public. It puts the focus for understanding oppression on the human body.

Globally, we see the effects of climate change, war and poverty disproportionately harming, displacing and killing people of color. Locally, we see colonial violence enacted by the city to crack down on homeless people in encampments, entrap poor people in exploitative labor and substandard housing, and the shut-downs of Asian massage parlors.

The Tkaronto Naked Bike Ride is a radical protest to confront colonial violence targeting the bodies of racialized, disabled, queer, trans, working class, sex worker, homeless and poor people's bodies.

Clothing-optional Bike Ride, March, and Picnic:

Date: Saturday, June 11th, 2022
Time: Please note that this is a non-sexual nudist event.

While these are naked events, clothed people are welcome. Bare as much as you're comfortable without pressure. In a bodyphobic society, there are many reasons to feel uncomfortable. For example: We want everyone to feel safe, and your presence at the event is more important than sticking to nudity, because we're primarily here to confront body phobia and body oppression in all of its many forms.

Accessibility Information:

We are attempting to make this year's ride more accessible, by starting the clothing-optional march for people who don't have bikes or are unable to ride.

In addition, we are introducing two "accessibility stops". This is for people who can ride bikes, but not for long distances. The idea is that you can join us part way through the ride. The stops are timed to give a few minutes of leeway. If we get there early, we'll wait for you. The two Accessibility Stops are:
The march is wheelchair accessible in the sense that there are no barriers to rolling a wheelchair from City Hall to Allan Gardens. However, there are no accessible bathrooms at Allan Gardens, only a few portable toilets.

Route Maps:

Segment 1 (58 minutes): Bike ride from Allan Gardens to Parkdale Library, starting at 3:30pm

Segment 2 (25 minutes): Bike ride from Parkdale Library to Bellevue Park, starting at 4:30pm

Segment 3 (25 minutes): Bike ride from Bellevue Park to City Hall, starting at 5:00pm

Segment 4 (60 minutes): March from City Hall to Allan Gardens, by way of the gayborhood, starting at 6:00pm

STACK THIS EVENT with radical politics, messaging, perspectives, etc., especially centered around IBPOC, queer, trans, class struggles and gender oppression. There is no real divide between nudism and the highly politicized communities many of us live in, because OUR BODIES ARE POLITICAL!

The facebook event page is located at: