Who we are:

QTCASE is a grassroots group of queer/trans IBPOC folks and allies, mostly from a lower class and/or homeless background. Many of us are sex workers and/or migrants.

The work that we do:

We create educational material, hold community discussions and workshops, organise protests and demonstrations, mediate conflicts, engage in emergency support work, and push for progressive policies and practices in orgs, and with various politicians and policy makers.

More generally, what we're trying to do:

QT CASE is an initiative to fight back against the racism and conservatism settling into the local queer and trans communities, oppose corporate and "non-profit" exploitation, as well as rebuilding communities based in true grassroots efforts. QT CASE seeks to promote:
  1. community-wide consensus-based decision making models
  2. direct action, especially in the face of unfavourable optics
  3. a permanent, well-funded, and accessible community accountability process
  4. inclusive and equitable community-based support networks
  5. open-access community-based education models

QTCASE was started by a trans woman of color who was homeless for 20 years, but is now housed. Most of her protests took place under various organizing labels/orgs, such as Queer Diversity, Grassroots Trans Toronto, Transroots Toronto, etc. QTCASE is a project to consolidate and continue that work with the support of community members and grassroots organizations working on issues surrounding racialized, queer, trans, sex worker, low income, disabled, street-involved and homeless people.