Abolitionist Dyke March & Pride
End All Policing and Carceral Systems
Abolitionist Dyke March
Saturday June 25th, 1pm
Abolitionist Pride Parade
Sunday June 26th, 1pm

Join us in the Dyke March and Pride Parade to protest against all forms of policing and prison systems. Policing and Carceral Systems extend much further than the state police, military, and network of jails that span all across occupied indigenous land.

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Policing and Carceral Systems
Non-profits, the CAS, social housing, nursing homes, social workers, etc., are all forms of policing and prison systems. Even some grassroots organizations and community activists adopt neo-liberal models, competitive models, and hoard social and political capital. Despite being grassroots orgs, they act as gatekeepers to resources, autonomy, mutual support, activism and social change. These organizations are also an extension of the Policing and Carceral Systems.

We need to develop a much more complex understanding of these ever-broadening systems of oppression. We need to challenge them not only in the society we live in, but also how they are recreated in our own queer and trans communities. Radical change comes from within, and the first step towards change is to see how we ourselves participate in and perpetuate these systems.

Abolitionist Dyke March
Meet us Saturday June 25th at 1pm
Let's march in solidarity with all oppressed queer, trans, disabled, poor, racialized, and criminalized people. Neoliberalism has no place in our community. We will be marching to abolish all forms of policing and carceral systems, and to return Dyke March, Trans March, and Pride to its roots!

Abolitionist Pride Parade
Meet us Sunday June 26th at 1pm
Given the nature of how mainstream the parade has become, an abolitionist march calling for an end to all forms of policing and carceral systems is a challenge to mainstream politics.

Note: Due to security this year, there will be a check-in tent that we all have to get through to get in the parade. It will be difficult for folks to join us last minute. Please arrive at 1pm, preferably meeting with us to do check-in together as a group. We're joining the aces and aros group B26 to get into the parade, and thereafter protesting pride, as we've done for approximately 20 years.