Anti-Colonial Demos at Trans March, Dyke March, and Pride...
and oppose Colonial Predatory Activism

@ Trans March
Friday, June 23rd, 7pm
Find us around Church and Hayden

@ Dyke March
Saturday, June 24th, 1pm
Find us around Church and Hayden

@ Pride Parade
Sunday, June 25th, 3pm
Update: Find us along the Bloor street marching contingents, east of Church St. We will be around group D5. We may join an Irani solidarity group around 3:30pm. Try to time getting there around 2:30pm, because it will be very crowded and difficult to find each other. Message us on insta, if you're having difficulty @ qt_case

Note: Facebook page for this protest

Join us in the Trans and Dyke Marches, and in the Pride Parade to help platform anti-colonial narratives and politics that are often erased even in supposedly radical left activist spaces. This year we will be calling attention to: These issues were chosen, because they are being de-platformed in our community and/or being re-framed in ways that push harmful colonial agendas.

In the past few years, predatory activist groups like NPPC, SURJ and ESN have taken advantage of crises affecting our community's most marginalised people to whitewash and promote harmful colonial narratives and practices, while silencing and erasing the work of lower class queer and trans folks.

QTCASE exists to challenge these types of racist and classist inroads into our community. The issues above are framed as a challenge, not only to the abusive activists pulling strings behind the scenes, but also to our community, to do better when it comes to acting in solidarity and unity with lower class queer and trans IBPOC folks.... using anti-colonial practices.

Join us to show support at our demos, but also get involved to push for a long term change in our activist scene. We need a solid community that works from a foundation of anti-colonial practices, which include creating community-wide consensus, being accessible, transparent, accountable, and promoting narratives that actually come from processing through our community, instead of what racist activists, academics and social workers deem to be palatable and popular.