Trans Day of Resistance Rally and Trans Town Hall

Monday, November 20th, 2023

Defend Sarah Jama Online Rally

Register for the Online Rally here. There is capacity for 500 people, which is almost full.

This rally is to defend Ontario MPP Sarah Jama, who opposed Israeli violence against Palestine. In response, she has been censured in the Ontario legislature and expelled by the Ontario NDP leader Marit Stiles.

Sarah Jama's powerful statement opposing Israeli Apartheid and call for cease fire before being censured and expelled by the NDP:

Speakers include Desmond Cole, Judy Rebick, Anjali Appadurai, Anthony Marco, Khaled Mouammar, Beisan Zubi, Rima Berns-McGown, Beyhan Farhadi and Tom Baker among others.

Topless (optional) Bike Ride and Walk

For more details, please see the Top Freedom 2023 event page.

Anti-Colonial Demos at Trans March, Dyke March, and Pride...
and oppose Predatory Colonial Activism

@ Trans March
Friday, June 23rd, 7pm

@ Dyke March
Saturday, June 24th, 1pm

@ Pride Parade
Sunday, June 25th, 3pm

Join us to help platform anti-colonial narratives, politics, and practices at Pride. This year we're focusing on challenging Affordable and Social Housing narratives, social worker abuse, and also predatory colonial activist groups like NPPC, SURJ, ESN, etc. Adopting anti-colonial practices is necessary to help protect our community from harmful opportunists.

For more details, please see the event page.

Body Pride: Clothing-Optional Walk and Bike Ride for Body Freedom

Saturday, June 10th, 1pm
@ Church and Wellesley

Body Pride is a challenge to the escalating attacks against our bodies. It is a display of queer and gender diverse expressions, and an acceptance of all bodies. Click here for full details...

Artists, Cosplayers, Performers Wanted!

Artists play a pivotal role in social change. If you have capacity to help get complex ideas across in piecemeal, accessible, and entertaining forms, we could use your help. We're especially looking for people who can collaborate on creating content slowly over a long period of time, but we're appreciative of the time and labour of artists in whatever forms are accessible. Body Pride is an example of the type of event where we would like to feature political art and perfomances. Please also see our Help Needed page.

Publicly, QTCASE is best known for its Anti-corporate Pride protests and against other non-profits. Given recent changes at Pride (as a result of BLM protests), we're taking a step back from Anti-Pride protests. Instead, we invite community discussions about reshaping queer and trans representation. We'll do our part in facilitating discussions.

We will still crash the parade without registration, and bring messaging targeting issues such as unaccountable non-profits, homelessness, encampments, social housing, and the opioid crisis.

There are tentative plans for organizing a Reclaim the Streets event on September 24, 2022.

June 6th, 2022

World Naked (optional) Bike Ride + Naked March + Nudist Picnic

Accessible, Queer, Trans, Anti-colonial, and Inclusive